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AMCOP Bio Activators are functional therapeutic medical devices (function regulators) of a specifically orthodontic-orthopedic character, rehabilitating the dento-skeletal structures of the craniofacial system.

Treatment with AMCOP Bio Activators can be considered an extraordinary Ortho-Cranio-Facial Bio-Orthopedics. The devices work mainly by modifying the growth of the Cranio-Facial skeleton, restoring the skeletal architecture of the cranial and, therefore, vertebral massif with benefits on posture.
Dento-craniofacial orthopedics refers to the correct growth and positioning of the facial skeleton in perfect joint balance (TMJ) and neuro-muscular reconditioning.
This balance eliminates any negative interference capable of altering this growth in a correct way, that is, all those distortions that would manifest themselves in the form of a dento-skeletal malocclusion.

This type of dento-craniofacial orthopedics is aimed at correcting deformations of the bony structures of the cranial mass. The different types of dento-craniofacial decompensation with relative discrepancies can be determined by problems, most of the time, of an osteopathic nature.

The evaluation of the decompensation of the craniofacial bone structures in the presence of a malocclusion should not be framed in a problem limited only to the two maxillaries (upper dental arch and lower mandibular arch), but in a more global framework, in which the malocclusion could be the result of a cranial problem, capable of unbalancing the relationship between the arches themselves.

In addition to the dental arches and the craniofacial bone structures, all the muscular structures must be taken into consideration and in particular, the tongue, the craniomandibular muscles and the joints.

Therapy should be started as early as possible to achieve adequate “chewing function”.

To achieve this, it is therefore necessary to make use of functional orthopedic devices that modify the skeletal structure of the craniofacial system and the mandibular posture in a therapeutic sense, improving the function and shape of the skeletal structures that make up the stomatognathic system. The AMCOP Bio Activators, elastic functional orthodontic devices, with their characteristic plasticity allow to realize this type of highly specific orthopedics and perform an action of harmonization and remodeling of the dento-cranial-facial structures, rebalancing the neuro-muscular system and placing the teeth in a correct relationship with the bone bases and, therefore, with the skull, the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and the cervical spine and, more specifically, with the cranio-sacral system (posture). The devices, therefore, can be considered real arch harmonizers and, through the plastic effect, allow a true expansive and growth stimulation of the maxillary and mandibular skeletal bases and, at the same time, orient the exchange of the teeth in a correct relationship with the bone bases in a suitable occlusal balance.

scompenso posturale


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