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Who we are

ORTHO PROTEC is a dental laboratory that, since its inception, has embarked on a path of strong innovation in the production of orthodontic devices, i.e. multifunctional activators with soft thermoelastic material called AMCOP Bio Activators Multifunctional Cranium - Occluded - Postural Harmonizers.
From 2011 to today, ORTHO PROTEC proposes itself as a company that designs, manufactures and produces highly innovative devices in terms of shapes and structural characteristics.

ORTHO PROTEC's greatest aspiration is to provide the medical and scientific community

  • deeply innovative devices
  • invasive as little as possible
  • atraumatic for full compliance with all the structures that make up the stomatognathic system


The most important goal that ORTHO PROTEC has set itself is the patient's health at 360 ° through a bio-orthognathic posturodontic treatment (early, interceptive and preventive for children and rehabilitation for adult patients) which is nothing more than a real oral-craniofacial and postural bio-orthopedics.

bio attivatore amcop



From the point of view of shapes, technical characteristics and ideal materials to solve imbalances and malocclusions in the simplest way possible.

bio attivatore amcop


Made of comfortable materials for the patient, thermoplastic and easily adaptable to facilitate the doctor's work.

bio attivatore amcop


To expand the range of devices to be offered to doctors for the implementation of minimally invasive, atraumatic therapies that allow to accompany the patient in the healing process from the resolution of the imbalances to the achievement of good aesthetic results.

bio attivatore amcop


Through the numerous training courses on AMCOP Bio Activators organized throughout the national territory.

bio attivatore amcop
bio attivatore amcop

Company owner: Francesco Magistro

  • Functionalist orthodontist
  • Holoenergetic posturologist technician
  • Expert in Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy, Kinesiology, Yoga and Medicine
  • Operator in muscle and postural rebalancing techniques
  • Expert in the use of the A.M.C.O.P.

High quality

bio attivatore amcop


bio attivatore amcop

Medical support

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Technological innovation

bio attivatore amcop


During the period of school education at the L. Santarella Institute in Bari, among the many topics mentioned by the professors, what creates the most interest is an orthodontic rubber device with elastic characteristics, made by professors Soulet and Besombes. In this period this device, called SB, is used only in France and arouses a certain interest linked to its being different from all orthodontic devices that, on the other hand, are used in Italy. Precisely for this reason, in the school phase, there is no way to deepen the knowledge of a device that, in the years to come, will be the starting point and source of inspiration for the study, design and implementation of AMCOP Bio Activators.


The ORTHO PROTEC dental laboratory is born, and from the very beginning, thanks to the interest and continuous research of the company owner, begins to experiment new techniques and specialize in the production of little-known and little-valued devices at an international level.


The in-depth study provided to the company owner by training courses as a functionalist orthodontist and holoenergetic posturologist technician pushes even more towards a professional growth in the creation of ideal tools for therapies aimed at a reorganization of the buccal and body movement through exercises, aimed at putting in practice the body sequence. In particular, thanks to the training given by courses in France, it is possible to know the SB device better, which had aroused great interest in the school phase. In this period of strong training, the Soulet-Besombes device becomes a trait d’union between all the in-depth disciplines and a springboard for the design of AMCOP Bio Activators.


The AMCOP Bio Activators begin to take shape, the result of the most varied work experiences, continuous research, great passion and teaching provided by highly skilled professionals in the sector.

The multifunctional elastic orthodontic activators, characterized by sophisticated materials, are made with innovative elements in the shapes and structural characteristics to improve their effectiveness in solving dysfunctional problems.

The AMCOP Bio Activators have the purpose of promoting the correct dental eruption and the harmonious development of the dental arches towards an ideal shape, through an atraumatic functional-orthopedic therapy, and therefore allow a type of rehabilitation treatment of dysfunctional, occlusal and postural problems by restoring the causes.

It is a truly enlightening path both on a human and professional level that has transmitted an indescribable enthusiasm and which, even if with great commitment and sacrifice, has allowed to give concreteness to well-defined inspirations and visions and, therefore, to the aforementioned creations.


Our company, in collaboration with Micerium SpA distributor throughout the national territory, offers training courses for doctors interested in deepening their knowledge on the functioning of our devices and on the exciting and revolutionary results achieved over the years.
The AMCOP Bio Activator is increasingly proposed as a very valid tool for the intervention of a multidisciplinary team with a common goal in a therapeutic concept that allows the individual to be correctly vertical through suitable occlusal treatment.

A.M.C.O.P. Bio Activators are protected by an international patent (PATENT PENDING GRANTED).
Our company does not sell directly to private individuals.
A.M.C.O.P. Bio Activators are distributed exclusively by Micerium S.p.A.