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The First Class Bio Activators are divided into four types of arch shape in relation to the type of skull conformation of the patient, for a functional orthopedic action.

These devices are indicated for the treatment of dental arches with normal molar and canine key ratios. They are used in the basal skeletal disharmonies responsible for horizontal occlusal deficits, such as transverse insufficiencies, or vertical, such as open or deep bites, in which there are no alterations from Second or Third dental classes. They are suitable for mouths with only deciduous teeth (milk teeth), for mouths with mixed dentition and for adults with complete dentition of permanent teeth.
The First Class Range is divided into two versions:

AMCOP Bio-Activator INTEGRAL and AMCOP Bio-Activator BASIC.

AMCOP Bio-Activator INTEGRAL is indicated for a more specifically orthopedic action, for the therapy of alterations of occlusal curves, such as anterior and / or lateral open bite, and for a correct balance of the dental arches.
The occlusal plane acts as a stabilizer of balance of the mouth.
The occlusal planes were made with adequate functional curves of Spee and Wilson for a correct mandibular growth.

The Spee curve is an expression of neuro-muscular function (F.N.M.)

The Wilson curve expresses the compensation in laterality of the mandible in relation to the maxilla with the involvement of the spine.

AMCOP Bio-Activator BASIC is indicated for dental arches with reduced vertical dimension and is therefore indicated for the elevation of the DV as it has a thickening of the occlusal plane in the anterior area suitable for extrusion of the posterior teeth for remodeling of the alveolar ridges.

First class AMCOP Bio-Activator

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