The Top Management of the Organization O.P. AMCOP S.R.L. defines and discloses the Quality Policy to all personnel through the "Quality Manual" and the system procedures that refer to it.

The guidelines of this policy are:
- adopt quality as a tool that can allow the satisfaction of the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Company Management System;
- adopt quality as a tool that can allow the continuous improvement of the service provided to the customer;
- increase competitiveness on the market by reducing operating costs, increasing the effectiveness of its services and improving its image;
- ensure compliance with the technical regulations of the sector and the regulations in force;
- define and review the quality objectives, including those relating to the service on the basis of business needs and define the methods of control and monitoring of the same to measure their effectiveness;
- develop the function of the Quality Manager with the task of preparing, implementing and updating the QMS, verifying its effectiveness, intervening if any discrepancies with the internal and contract requirements are found.

Top Management defines and discloses the Quality Objectives:
- maintain the Quality System Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485: 2016 according to the present and future needs of the organization by measuring the following aspects:
1) reduction of operating costs (personnel, equipment, etc.);
2) increase in the effectiveness of services;
3) monitoring of non-conformities;

- increase their professionalism and production capacity by operating with effectiveness, efficiency, safety and reliability in compliance with the needs expressed by measuring the following aspects:
4) reduction of non-conformities found or emerged in the performance of activities;
5) compliance with the planning and execution times of the project phases;

- increase in customer satisfaction measurable by monitoring the following aspects:
6) reduction of customer complaints and / or complaints;
7) analysis and review of customer satisfaction sheets.

These objectives, as well as being constantly monitored during the activities, are reviewed and discussed through the Quality Indicators Table (SCH 39) and, if necessary, updated during the Review of the Quality System by the Management with the Heads of the Functions and / o Unit of the Organization.

To this end, Top Management undertakes to:
- Ensure that the Quality Policy is supported at all levels of the Organization;
- Ensure the Quality Manager the authority and resources necessary for constant control / monitoring of the application of the Quality System implementation process and subsequent improvements;
- Provide the necessary resources to achieve the objectives;
Encourage the continuous improvement of the individual skills of each employee.

The dissemination / dissemination of the Quality Policy, as well as the objectives, takes place through the distribution of the Quality Manual and Management Procedures, circulars or service orders and awareness courses to all staff of the Organization.
The requirements and methods of implementation of the Quality System, contained in the Quality Manual, in the Management Procedures, in the Forms and in the Operating Instructions (IO), outline the Quality Policy of the Organization and, as such, its complete compliance is required and collaboration on the part of the staff within the scope of their respective skills and responsibilities, remembering, among other things, that the quality of the work and / or performance is obtained by those who perform and not by those who control.

politica qualità