• bioattivatore dentizione decidua
  • bioattivatore dentizione decidua



The AMCOP Bio Activators for deciduous dentition D and DC (with "pacifier" grip) are particularly suitable for early and atraumatic therapies in dysfunctional and neuro-muscular, osteopathic, orthopedic and psycho-affective problems. The technical characteristics of this type of dental appliances for children, together with the ease of use, make the Bio-Activator particularly important in stimulating dento-skeletal growth and in the causes of malocclusions. The AMCOP Bio Activator is more specifically indicated for children suffering from transverse maxilla deficiency with dental open bite, due to dysfunctional tongue interposition and / or prolonged use of the pacifier itself.


The DC model is equipped with a shield and a support for the grip, which make it similar to a baby pacifier, to make the use of the device as psycho-emotional as possible, favoring the implementation of non-extractive treatments where interception and osteopathic-orthopedic correction act adequately. For this reason it can be considered a dento-skeletal growth stimulator capable of acting on interference and the determining causes of malocclusion for an early and interceptive action. The occlusal plane is perfectly horizontal without Spee and Wilson curves, in consideration of the absence of the first permanent molar.

Signed with the letters D-DC, respectively without and with the “pacifier” socket, numbered from 1 to 2 with a LIGHT BLUE or PINK base.

AMCOP Bio Activators for Deciduous Dentition

Bio Activator for children without pacifier


Bio Activator for children with pacifier


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