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Second Class AMCOP Bio Activator is indicated for the treatment of mandibular retrognathia. Second Class malocclusion is characterized by the deep bite associated with a retruded mandible, that is, positioned behind the norm. This type of skeletal malocclusion, in general, tends to cause an important incompetence of the lips, as well as the decompensation of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) as they are poorly positioned and therefore blocked due to the deep bite and the mandibular retrusive. This type of skeletal malocclusion negatively affects facial aesthetics.


Second Class AMCOP Bio Activator has been designed with an anterior mandibular sliding plane to condition the advancement of the mandible (in retrusion) by positioning the incisors head to head, providing an elongation of the mandibular bone base with the increase of the Vertical Dimension (in case of Deep Bite), the retro-inclination of the lower incisors, the pro-inclination of the upper ones (Overjet). It is also indicated for an improvement of dysfunctional problems of the Temporo-Mandibular Joints (TMJ) and for an improvement of the labial competence and, therefore, of the aesthetics of the face.

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